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      • Turkish Carpets

        Turkish Carpets

          In Turkey, one of the most visited places are carpet workshops by both domestic and foreign tourists. Almost all regions of Anatolia have carpets that own their unique patterns and colours. These gorgeous pieces are reflect a tradition that transferred from generation to generation.
      • Oriental Rugs

        Oriental Rugs

        Oriental rugs are carpets woven with Turkish and Persian knot technique in an extended area including Iran, Anatolia, Central Asia and Caucasia. Some of the oriental rugs that preserved until today, loomed in beginning of the 16th century. There is no certain information about when or where the oriental rugs woven for the first time. Although many theories have been put forward by various carpet experts up to this point, most of them stayed as hypothesis. It is clear from these oriental rug paintings made by Italian and Dutch artists and manuscripts, there were several design and waving schools in the East.
      • Persian Rugs

        Persian Rugs

        Iranian rugs known as top level of carpet art. History of Iranian rugs date back to 2500 years ago. Iranians brought out the best instances of creativity and skills. Art of carpet knotting, transferred from father to son and became a family tradition in Iran. Fame of the Iranian rugs, travelled around the world became an outstanding asset. In all industrial and developed countries, be possessed of Iranian rug means that the owners are wealthy and have artistic souls. Art of hand knotted rug improved and became magnificent throughout the years and brought glorious fame and success for its creators. Hand knotted rugs has three different type in terms of materials; wool, silk and wool-silk mixture. Approximate ninety percent of an Iranian rug, made of wool. İranian carpets, made of wool and silk , also has Persian and Turkish knot technique. Not to mention the fact that Iranian carpets are high quality carpets that coloured by vegetable dye. Iranian rug known as the Persian Rug. Most of them and the best of them loomed by Turkic people like Azerbaijani, Turkoman, Qashqai. Persian rug has a different technique then the rugs loomed in Turkey. Persian knot more loose and weaker in the sense of quality and durability then Turkish knot.  
      • Afghan Carpets

        Afghan Carpets

        Carpets known as Afghan carpets, apart from their name, mostly produce in Pakistan by Afghan migrants and Turkmen. Afghan rugs reflect the culture of Middle East as being nomadic style products. Afghan hand knotted rugs, which is a part of the weaving art for many years, is attract a large variety of people. Usually dark colours are used in these rooms and mostly claret red is dominant. Afghan war rugs woven in horizontal loom by Turkmen and Baloch instead of vertical carpets seen at palaces and mansions in the West. The most striking feature of these carpets is the rich pattern content. It has complex designs and white fringes. Afghan carpets decked with geometric patterns and garnished with little flowers.
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