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Stone Uni Pink 090X150 1,35 M² El Dokuma Halı

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  • Ürün Özellikleri
  • Kısa Ürün Açıklaması
    • Knot density approx: 800 knots per m²
    • Thickness approx: 40 mm
    • Age Contemporary: 0-5 years (not used)
    • Origin: IndiaPile: Wool
    • Warp: Cotton
    • Manufacturing: Handmade
    • Also known as: Wool ball

    Dark lines in the pictures are folding traces. Do not take into account. Products will be sent as overhauled and in perfect condition.
    The history of the carpets began many years ago. The technique of weaving carpets has developed over time and the patterns became more and more elaborated. While industrialization is accelerating, the looms have developed and automized. This way, carpet production was fastened and industrialised. Over the years, production techniques have become more sophisticated and the most carpets today on the market are machine carpets.Today, difference between a hand knotted carpet and a machine carpet is often unnoticable without a well knowledge. The biggest difference in between is that soul and hard work behind the hand loomed Carpets.In the production process there are distinctions between hand-knotted carpets and machine carpets.The machine carpets are produced with thousands of yarn spools fed to a single mechanical loom, which quickly wave the carpet according to a selected pattern. During the production of fixed widths, different patterns and dimensions can be produced at the same time, this means that minimum material spillage in the operation of a machine. However, only 8 to 10 colours can be combined and screened to produce a wider colour spectrum. Producing a machine carpet can take only an hour based on its size, compared to a hand knotted carpet that can last its production for months or even years, which is the primary source of price difference in between.
  • 30-day money back guarantee; As a prIvate person you have 30-day money back guarantee. You can return your carpet wIthIn 30 days and get your money back. The carpet has to be In unaltered condItIon and should not have been used. You have to package the carpet the same way as It was when you receIved It. The customer pays for the shIppIng costs In both dIrectIons. Return; When sendIng back a carpet you fIrst have to contact us It Is your responsIbIlIty that the carpet arrIves In an undamaged condItIon. Make sure that the carpet Is well packed. The customer pays for return shIppIng. Carpets that are ordered and not receIved or are returned to us due to the customer not beIng avaIlable for several delIvery attempts wIll be charged. DelIvery; If somethIng Is wrong wIth your delIvery, or If you receIve the wrong or a damaged carpet or the wrong number of carpets please contact customer servIce ImmedIately. The error has to be reported wIthIn a reasonable tIme frame. We shall be under no lIabIlIty for any delay or faIlure to delIver products or otherwIse perform any oblIgatIon as specIfIed In these Terms and CondItIons If the same Is wholly or partly caused whether dIrectly or IndIrectly by cIrcumstances beyond Its reasonable control.
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