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Afghan Carpets

22 Mayıs 2018
Afghan Carpets

Carpets known as Afghan carpets, apart from their name, mostly produce in Pakistan by Afghan migrants and Turkmen. Afghan rugs reflect the culture of Middle East as being nomadic style products. Afghan hand knotted rugs, which is a part of the weaving art for many years, is attract a large variety of people. Usually dark colours are used in these rooms and mostly claret red is dominant. Afghan war rugs woven in horizontal loom by Turkmen and Baloch instead of vertical carpets seen at palaces and mansions in the West. The most striking feature of these carpets is the rich pattern content. It has complex designs and white fringes. Afghan carpets decked with geometric patterns and garnished with little flowers.

Afghan war carpets have different kind of noticeability then early times Turkmen and Baloch rugs. This novelty in the Afghan war rugs attract people’s attention. These carpets woven far and wide in the country. The carpets which more expensive then the others, woven in the north side by Turkmen. According to merchants, weaving is done by women but the design is made by men.

Grand range of variety in designs, craftsmanship and size shows that great part of the carpets produced at refugee camps in north Pakistan.

Afghan carpet is the first attempt by Afghan weavers to address an international market while looking for ways to make a living. Every year, nearly 2 millions hand knotted carpets receive by international market from Afghanistan region. But carpets ordinary wavers can wave attract people’s attention. Therefore wavers make innovation and enhance their products. Afghans, because of their constant experience of war, wave war carpets.

Most of the buyers of war carpets are not fan of the traditional carpets. War rugs make a new segment in the market and buyers of these carpets make a new customer mass. They would not be produced and would not be as remarkable as they are, if there wasn’t a disintegration between East and West for 300 years.

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